Profit and Loss Sharing System in Islam (Paperback)

Profit and Loss Sharing System in Islam By Y. M. Shahien Cover Image
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Being a universal and revealed religion, Islam stands fast to address not only the individual moral and spiritual issues but shows a serious concern towards the collective issues and social ethics-business being one of the fundamental of them. The numerous verses of Qur'an testify that Islam is favorably inclined to promote commercial and business activities. These Qur'anic injunctions reflect the general laws in which detailed regulations were interpreted piece meal and promulgated with further minute descriptions by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his ahadith (traditions.) The same spirit of economic liberalism pervades the Prophetic Traditions as well. The Prophets (SAW) liberal attitude to business is obvious from the fact that he himself had taken an active part in it

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2023
Pages: 256
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