Impact of Social Media on the Youth (Paperback)

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Our social world changes with the inclusion and exclusion of factors which the society, knowingly or unknowingly impose on it. These factors bring about a lot of change in our thinking, behaviour, relationships, lifestyle and everyday life. One such factor is technology which brought computer in this world and with the advancement of computer, internet emerged which has changed every aspect of our social world. Social media is a product of internet and this constantly evolving part of internet has been taking our society to the whole new dimension. Social media has brought a lot of change in our society which is positive as well as negative. These changes affect the people of the society especially the youth population. Today almost all the youths are on social media which uses it for their various interests and which ultimately has a significant impact on their everyday life. This youth population of our nation will create a difference in the future and will take our country to the next level of development. Therefore, there is a need of an empirical sociological research to study the impact of social media on everyday life of the youth.

This book is based on a research that is conducted for the study of social media, its various aspects, and its impact on the people of the society especially the youth. The study focuses on the relationship between social media and everyday life of the youth population as youth population access social media more than any other age group. In this study there is an analysis of how and to what extent the social media and its various dimensions effect the youth population of the society in terms of relationships, interaction pattern, lifestyle, problem solving, future prospects and nation's development etc. This impact of social media is studied in relation with youth's everyday life which includes daily routines, schedules, habits, interaction etc. The research has been conducted according to the objectives which are constructed taking into account all the relevant areas on which the social media has its impact. For this an interview schedule was prepared according to the research objectives. After the collection of data from primary and secondary sources, the data was organized, tabulation of data has been done and percentage graphs were made. Tabulated data is then interpreted and finally summary of the interpretation was done and conclusions were made.

This book is divided in six chapters i.e. chapter-1 which includes introduction about the topic, chapter-2 includes detailed review of literature related to the study, chapter-3 includes methodology of the research, chapter-4 includes socioeconomic profile of the respondents, chapter-5 includes social media impact on the youth and the final chapter i.e. chapter-6 includes conclusion of the of the research study.

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