The Senses and The Mind (Paperback)

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There are few, at least among the reflecting portion of society, who have not either mentally or verbally asked the question: Is the sun, is the moon, are the planets with their satellites, are the stars, those suns of other systems, tenanted, as is our planet, the earth, by living beings, which declare the omnipotence of God?

This is one of many questions which cannot be answered. The probability, to judge from analogy, is, that some, if not all, are inhabited; that some are in a course of preparation for beings which God will, in his own time, call into existence; and that in all, changes have taken place more or less similar to those which have occurred on the globe we tenant, and which have been connected with the extinction of races, and the creation of others adapted and organized for an altered condition of the earth's surface, and of the circumambient atmosphere.

But, granting these suppositions, it must be evident, that the living beings in the sun, the planets, and the asteroids, must not only be differently constructed from those which inhabit our planet, the earth; but, also, that in different worlds, the living inhabitants must be very diversely constituted, not only as regards their senses, but also their organization and their powers of locomotion.

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