Norse Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters (Flame Tree Collector's Editions) (Hardcover)

Norse Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters (Flame Tree Collector's Editions) By Dr. Luke John Murphy (Introduction by), J.K. Jackson (Editor) Cover Image
By Dr. Luke John Murphy (Introduction by), J.K. Jackson (Editor)
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Beautiful edition with a new introduction to the origins of Thor and Loki, Odin and Freya, the gods and giants of the Vikings, highlighting the origins of modern fiction in myth and fable.

Gorgeous Collector's Edition. From the legends of Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya and all the gods of Asgard come the 'The Treasure of the Dwarf King', 'Ragnarok' and many other thrilling tales of the Vikings and their Norse gods fighting a constant battle with nature. Their landscape, with its stark mountains and long nights, created a particularly robust mythology, with profound contrasts and unforgettable heroes, great gods who leap out from the movies, streaming services and comics, to great fiction and epic poetry. This fabulous new book offers all the main stories with an introduction to the characters and the land that inspired them.

Flame Tree Collector's Editions present the foundations of speculative fiction, authors, myths and tales without which the imaginative literature of the twentieth century would not exist, bringing the best, most influential and most fascinating works into a striking and collectable library. Each book features a new introduction and a Glossary of Terms.

About the Author

Dr Luke John Murphy is a researcher who works with pre-Christian religions. His publications and teaching cover Nordic mythology, early British religions, temples and objects, and the role of religion in past societies. He has held research posts at the University of Iceland, University of Leicester, Stockholm University and Aarhus University.

Jake Jackson has written, edited and contributed to over 20 books on mythology and folklore. Related works include studies of Babylonian creation myths, the philosophy of time and William Blake's use of mythology in his visionary literature.

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ISBN: 9781839648861
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Publisher: Flame Tree Collections
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 416
Language: English
Series: Flame Tree Collector's Editions