The Writer's Guide to Psychology: How to Write Accurately about Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment and Human Behavior (Paperback)

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A unique and indispensable reference guide for writers.

Writers frequently write about mental illness and psychological motivations, but all too often they use terms and concepts that are clich d, outmoded or just plain wrong. Written by a clinical psychologist who is also a professional writer and writing coach, The Writer's Guide to Psychology is an authoritative, accessible, fun, and easy-to-use reference to psychological disorders, diagnosis, treatments, psychotherapists' work and what really makes psychopathic villains tick.

Did you know that serial killers are almost never psychotic? That modern electroshock therapy doesn't cause convulsions? That many psychotherapists think examining your childhood is unimportant--or even irrelevant--to therapy? Those are just a few of the hundreds of myth-busting facts in The Writer's Guide to Psychology. The only reference book on clinical and counseling psychology designed specifically for the needs of writers, The Writer's Guide to Psychology presents specific writing dos and don'ts to avoid the psychobabble clich's and misunderstandings frequently seen in popular writing. The book's extensive sidebars include Q&As from real writers, information on controversial treatments and issues, tips for using realistic psychology to create complex and compelling characters, and Don't Let This Happen to You boxes that humorously expose mortifying mistakes in fiction, film and TV--and teach you how to get it right in your own writing.

Written in an approachable, easy-to-understand style that's perfect for both in-depth study and quick answers to specific questions, The Writer's Guide to Psychology is a unique combination of accurate psychology, myth-busting information and practical guidance that belongs on every writer's reference shelf.

About the Author

Carolyn Kaufman, PsyD, is a professor at Columbus State Community College. She is a full member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the APA's Media Psychology division. She lives in Westerville, Ohio.

Praise For…

"Thoughtful, scholarly, comprehensive and a boon to writers aiming for accuracy when depicting the world of abnormal psychology and clinical treatment."  —Jonathan Kellerman, psychologist and author, the best-selling Alex Delaware mystery novels

"A fascinating overview of the major [psychological] disorders. . . . There are literally dozens of ideas for great stories in this guide. This is definitely a book to hold on to for future reference." —

"Every writer who even thinks about creating or explaining a character with a psychological disorder should have a copy on their desk, right next to their dictionary and thesaurus."  —Jilliane Hoffman, former felony prosecutor and author, Last Witness, Plea of Insanity, and Retribution

"Easy-to-access, up-to-date . . . if you are writing about people, you will find great help in this book. A writer's how-to manual written by a professional in psychology who happens to be a terrific writer herself." —

"[Kaufman] entertains as well as informs with her snappy and conversational style. This book should be in every writer's professional library and every clinician's too—whether writers or not!"  —New York Journal of Books

"[Dispels] common mistakes authors make when portraying psychological problems . . . easily accessible bulleted tips and examples of what not to do . . . User-friendly . . . the only book of its kind. Recommended."  —Library Journal Xpress Review

"Offers dos and don'ts for psychology in fiction . . . . Not only helpful for mystery and suspense writers, but also for any fiction writer who needs to develop characters with depth." —Freelance Writer's Report (April 2011)

"One of those rare books that practically every writer would benefit from . . . clear, concise, written in a breezily accessible style. . . . If you're a writer I can't recommend this book highly enough." —

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