Influence and Thrive (Paperback)

Influence and Thrive By Lucille Ossai, Mark Bowden (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Lucille Ossai, Mark Bowden (Foreword by)
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Effective communication will never go out of style. It will outlive the critics, survive shifting trends, and thrive in this tech age.

As a professional, entrepreneur, or business leader, you must amplify your communication skills to accelerate your career, grow your business, or sharpen your credibility.

As a corporation, you must use purposeful communication to nurture trust, coax employee engagement, boost your reputation, and steer actions to profitability.

But how can you get the results you deserve with effective communication and position yourself for long-term success?

In this book, you'd find the latest insights on non-verbal communication, public speaking, and business writing to build your knowledge of best practices. Then you'll learn practical techniques for honing these communication skills to influence people and thrive in your arena.

Lucille Ossai draws upon recommendations from thought leaders and practitioners in the field: from researchers and authors to communication experts. Written in the author's signature simple, yet authoritative style, the book is enhanced by her experience as a communications trainer, advisor, and blogger. From her anecdotes to interviews with successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, you'll discover what to do, what you must avoid in your communication - and how to proceed.

This evergreen resource will become your invaluable companion as you strive for excellence in your industry.

Snippet of the foreword:

This one book takes you through everything you need to know so you can use effective communication to get results. It reveals the newest thinking on communication, alongside tried and tested classic models. Lucille masterfully tackles verbal and nonverbal techniques and generously provides tips for becoming the most influential communicator. She also lists simple strategies for powerful persuasion - not the bare bones to survive, but the practical tools to truly thrive.

- Mark Bowden

Expert in human behaviour and body language

President, National Communication Coach Association of Canada

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