The School of Life Collected Essays: Reflections on Self-Knowledge, Emotional Maturity and Calm (Hardcover)

The School of Life Collected Essays: Reflections on Self-Knowledge, Emotional Maturity and Calm By The School of Life Cover Image
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A 15th anniversary collection of The School of Life's most popular and essential essays on self-knowledge, relationships, work and culture.

The School of Life is an organization with a mission at its heart: to help foster calm, self-understanding and greater emotional maturity.

For the last 15 years, we have produced landmark essays on important life topics, now gathered together for the first time.

Among the essays collected here, conveniently, in one volume:

  • On Confidence: a guide to throwing off inhibition in the name of a more free and creative life
  • Self-Knowledge: a method for knowing ourselves better in order to make optimal choices in love and work
  • Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person: a hopeful and wry survey of the trials and joys of marriage
In elegant and clear, helpful prose, these essays take us on a tour around the banner topics of our emotional life, leaving us enlightened, calm and ready to tackle the harder things in life.

This beautiful edition of The School of Life's best advice is a perfect companion to carry around or keep on a bedside table-- a concise compendium of some of the wisest things we'll ever need to know.

What our readers have been saying about the individual essays

On Confidence

"Brief but insightful Will be back for more School of Life reads. Works really well on Audible"

"Brilliant Thought provoking. Kept concise enough to really focus on the subject and give you time to think about the subject in terms of yourself."


"It's such a simple and small book but with a powerful message I really needed it and I'm grateful I got to read this book and work on the exercises. The exercises are definitely a plus and they're very well thought-through "

Just perfect. Must-read for everyone who considers at least dating, not to mention serious commitment. Beautifully exposed all the myths and concepts of love, sex and relationships. While this is very entertaining and funny, the topics are very serious and make me think and change my attitude... a lot."

Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

"Excellent little book for perspective on a considerably important subject. If you plan on marrying, take a day and read this magnificent little title."

Essays from this series available as audiobooks:


On Confidence

About the Author

The School of Life is a global organization helping people lead more fulfilled lives. Through our range of life-changing books, gifts and stationery, we aim to prompt more thoughtful natures and help everyone to find resilience and self-understanding. The School of Life is a rapidly growing international brand, with over 8.58 million YouTube subscribers, 354,000 Facebook followers, 309,000 Instagram followers and 172,000 Twitter followers. The School of Life Press brings together the thinking and ideas of The School of Life creative team under the direction of series editor, Alain de Botton.

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