A Digital Tomato (Paperback)

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Most days, Henrietta is alone in her bedroom. This is where she creates and develops her own computer game, 'A Digital Tomato', having recently graduated in that field. She is trying to cope with a crisis of identity and purpose in her life. Unless this is overcome it will clearly lead her to yet further isolation and depression. She recognizes all these issues and yet remains in her secluded and siloed environment, because she is both safe and very comfortable, while living with her dysfunctional family. Events take a turn. She is forced to venture out into the big wide world and to deal with this upheaval, because of the implication of being closely associated with and even possibly accused of an extremely violent crime. While dealing with the traumatic allegations she continues to question not only herself but also the well-trodden path growing up. She reflects on the role of education for the youth and all her own age group in the present day in readiness for their future lives and entry into the workforce. The book is written from her own perspective and introduces 'PidPat' a modern-day street language used by youngsters today. It also explores and questions the fact that very little progress has evolved since the 1950's for youth and they continue to feel totally disenfranchised. Can Henrietta find any resolution?

About the Author

R.M. Frith is a Chartered Accountant, having run his own practice for over 25 years. His expertise was dealing with small and medium sized businesses as well as taxation. With all that experience behind him, working with owner manager entrepreneurs and having seen many personalities, he has fulfilled a life-long ambition to write fiction. This, his first published novel, questions society's treatment and engagement with the youth of today. Frith's previous works include 'Drive like a Real Entrepreneur' asking if entrepreneurs are either born or made and a guest chapter in 'Deeper', a highly recommended practice management book for accountants.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781915406101
ISBN-10: 1915406102
Publisher: Maida Vale
Publication Date: January 27th, 2023
Pages: 400
Language: English