My Birth and Other Regrets (Paperback)

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Welcome to a world where the irrational and unexpected is just a way of life, and normality is reserved to be nothing more than a perpetuation of victimization... A House in the sky - Existence amongst human statues - A decomposing corpse in a water-cubed desert - Mysterious conversations with an old oil-painting - Heavy Metal infants in utero - A grotesque rotting ailment - Coma-based realities - Unusual private investigators for God - Male body dysmorphia - A fever-dream punk show - Part human, part clownfish... all elements in an experiment that's completely unstable, and highly explosive - NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION My Birth and Other Regrets is a wonderfully weird and beautifully bizarre venture into the annals of unpredictable storytelling. Featuring 19 short stories that change tone and genre with each entry, from subtle to surreal, hallucinatory to horrifying, morose to madness - all handled by the masterful mind of musician and storyteller, Ben Fitts.

"A pretty great collection that is somehow both silly and somber. Herein you'll find about 20 or so fast-paced short stories that blend elements of horror and bizarro in unexpected ways, each one sounding like its own distinct thunderclap. It's not very often you'll find a book like this that is full of only winners, but Fitts manages to pull it off" - Danger Slater, author of House of Rot.

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ISBN: 9781915546562
ISBN-10: 1915546567
Publisher: Planet Bizarro
Publication Date: March 15th, 2024
Pages: 142
Language: English