How To Analyze People: The Procrastination Puzzle (Paperback)

How To Analyze People: The Procrastination Puzzle By Jason Browne Cover Image
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When it comes to procrastination you have all faced that challenge at one point in your life. Delaying and avoiding that task, you know you should have been done yesterday. You become paralyzed because you develop a habit of putting things off.

Beating procrastination can be difficult when you don't understand the psychology of motivation. Chronically avoiding tasks and deliberately looking for distractions may be due to not thoroughly understanding the way your mind works.

From the How to analyze people series, how to analyze people: The procrastination puzzle, you will get a deeper understanding of procrastination.

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ISBN: 9781916325265
ISBN-10: 1916325262
Publisher: Jason Browne
Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English