Rival Claims for the Soul of Africa (Paperback)

Rival Claims for the Soul of Africa By Patrick Wanakuta Baraza Cover Image
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While Africa is the continent on which human life began, it is also a continent that has been invaded throughout the history of mankind. Christianity was firmly established in North Africa by the third century CE only to be extinguished when Islam invaded North Africa in the 7th century CE. Once the Portuguese sailed around Africa, the rest of Western Europe followed and Christianity bloomed in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the centuries Christianity and Islam have attempted to convert Africa. However, Africa's own traditional religions have remained ingrained in the culture and in the hearts of its people. Today, all three religions have been integrated into the continent's cultures. In turn, Africa has made these religions "African" by infusing them with her own traditional religions and values. This book will bring to light the history behind Africa's three great religions, as well as explaining the ebb and flow of these religions and how both religion and culture have brought together a unique way of life.

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ISBN: 9781934454022
ISBN-10: 1934454028
Publisher: Turnkey Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2007
Pages: 96
Language: English