Time Management-Becoming the Best YOU!!! (Paperback)

Time Management-Becoming the Best YOU!!! By Mary L. Boyde Cover Image
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How do you spend your time each day?

Are you juggling your personal and professional life in between latte's and distractions?

Do you know your time drains?

Have you ever ended your day, looked at your "To Do" list and said "I know I've worked hard today, why are only 2 out of 25 things checked off?"

In this time management book, Mary Boyde, takes you on a self-discovery journey. It is not just checklists, to dos or organizational methods. Now those are in there too. But Time Management, becoming the best YOU makes you take a look at YOU It takes you through self-awareness exercises that will help you identify your areas that are causing your time to disappear. Mary puts a humorous spin on time management issues but clearly guides you on identifying those areas and owning your time again. Here's what one of Mary's clients had to say.

"It was during my coaching sessions with Mary Boyde that I discovered how cluttered my life had become. As an entrepreneur and businesswomen, I struggled with trying to juggle a million and one things at one time and nothing was ever completed. Mary suggested several exercises to help me identify those nasty little time wasters and distractions that were keeping me from being the best ME. Time management is so important, especially to us entrepreneurs who need to find harmony between our personal and professional lives. Mary's plan of action (which is now this Time Management book) for me forced me to manage my time and create boundaries that would allow me to actually complete all my tasks, and in a timely manner. The most important lesson I learned was that I have to be intentional with respecting my time and managing my to-do lists, which allows others to do the same. This new-found, self-discipline has completely changed my life. I highly recommend that everyone read this book and reclaim your time." Owerri Marrasha, Writer, Editor & Jewelry Designer

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ISBN: 9781941247846
ISBN-10: 1941247849
Publisher: 3g Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Pages: 76
Language: English