Justifiable Homicide?: The Radical Scheme to Destroy a Race (Paperback)

Justifiable Homicide?: The Radical Scheme to Destroy a Race By A. C. Bolchoz Cover Image
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Abortion is the greatest manmade tragedy in history and will soon bring the world to its knees. White supremacists and elitists devised this depopulation technique to rid the world of "undesirables" in every race--especially blacks. To this day, the United Nations works overtime to ensure that minorities take advantage of contraceptives and easy abortions. But soon their schemes will come back to haunt us.

In Justifiable Homicide? author A. C. Bolchoz reveals:

  • The racist roots behind Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics in black neighborhoods
  • The wealthy family that funds the discourse on abortion in order to control the debate
  • Depopulationists' strategy to impose their plans on Latin American countries

Legal abortion is indeed the cause of the greatest sustained loss of life per capita than any epidemic or world war. Under the guise of "reproductive health," this depopulation strategy will push America--and the world--toward economic collapse, or even worse.

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ISBN: 9781944212384
ISBN-10: 1944212388
Publisher: World Ahead Press
Publication Date: February 27th, 2017
Pages: 200
Language: English