Radiant Mormonism (Paperback)

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Warner Woodworth, Ph.D., is the 'Johnny Appleseed' of social enterprise because no one can match him in starting up both nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises around the world-aided by his many admiring MBA students. He wanders through the world, planting tiny NGO seeds that grow into large, lasting oak trees. Today many economic analysts believe we're now in a 'Purpose Economy, ' where the primary driver in successful business is social purpose. In his latest volume, Radiant Mormonism, Warner again shows he's one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs, and explains why LDS members are among the most socially minded people in the world and thereby prepared to excel in this new economy. The Church encourages the core pillars of 'Purpose' in the New Economy: volunteerism, service, and charitable giving to redistribute wealth to the poor. . . . But just as important, he explains how LDS teachings about the principles of responsibility and self-reliance must govern all wealth redistribution. When combining these principles with the Church's 'pioneer-culture, ' 'can-do' attitude, and 'hard-work-ethic, ' this has resulted not only in the Church and many of its members ranking high in affluence, but also in Utah's ranking #1 in social entrepreneurism around the world.

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Publication Date: March 18th, 2022
Pages: 392
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