A World of Our Own Making: A Sequel to Walden Two (Paperback)

A World of Our Own Making: A Sequel to Walden Two By Michael Shuler Cover Image
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A utopian community is visited by a group of journalists interested in learning more about its unusual way of life--not knowing that one of them has a secret agenda. As the journalists become familiar with the varied innovative aspects of the network of Walden Two communities, they become intrigued with its theories of community structure, infant care, and education, as well as how ethics are taught in a rational society and the ways the community frees itself from the constraints of the larger society.

Based on the ideas espoused by B.F. Skinner in the 1940s, A World of Our Own Making: A Sequel to Walden Two is an engrossing tour through Skinner's behavioral principles and an imaginative look at how they might actually be implemented. Author Michael Shuler's in-depth look at the subject of "Behaviorology," now taught at institutions of higher education around the world, brings Skinner's Walden Two into the twenty-first century. It offers a new understanding of this ground-breaking discipline and its potential to revolutionize the basic structure of our society--for those with the courage and discipline to undertake it.

Readers will be surprised at both what they will learn and the unexpected ending as the plan of the mysterious visiting journalist is revealed, leading to an unusual revelation climaxing this refreshing read.

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ISBN: 9781948749510
ISBN-10: 1948749513
Publisher: Golden Word Books
Publication Date: January 21st, 2020
Pages: 346
Language: English