Firehouse Mentor: A Topical Guide to Help Develop the Next Generation of Firefighters (Paperback)

Firehouse Mentor: A Topical Guide to Help Develop the Next Generation of Firefighters By III Arsenaux, Murphy, Nicholas Joiner Cover Image
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If you've ever wanted to mentor others, but aren't sure how or where to start, and who to start with, Firehouse Mentor makes it easy. This valuable guide written by two veteran firefighters offers immense rewards on its simple and fun journey toward mentoring.

The book addresses negative and destructive behaviors and how to change them. Each topic guides the mentor, laying out the behavior to be addressed while providing multiple solutions, as well as a follow-through section monitoring the results. The book is designed to maintain the span-of-control with one mentor and up to five mentees.

"Developing, growing, and strengthening the next generation of firefighters is what mentoring is all about and it's a much-needed commodity in today's fire service. I highly recommend this book for any progressive department wanting to set the stage for the next generation and prepare them for success." - Fire Chief Les Karpluk, ECFO, author of Purpose Filled Leadership and co-author of Leadership Prescribed and Leadership Prescribed 2.0

"Acquiring some understanding of why we do things is often a prerequisite to change. This is especially true when talking about repetitive patterns of behavior that do not serve us well." - Nick Brunacini, author of B Shifter and Staring into the Sun, retired firefighter, Blue Card instructor

Author Bio:

Murphy J. Arsenaux III and Nicholas R. Joiner are firefighters in the City of St. George, Louisiana. "Nick has 25 years and I have 36 years of service," says Murphy. "Nick has many followers on his '10 Rounds Firefighting' social media sites. He motivates firefighters in the area of fitness and nutrition. I run leadership forums. We both help mentor the young firefighters around us." This is Murphy's second book.

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ISBN: 9781950015894
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Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
Pages: 190
Language: English