Graveyard Ghouls for a Fright in the Night (Paperback)

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On All Hallows' Eve night, join Revena the Revenant Ghastly Ghost for a stroll through the Graveyard of Ghouls while she introduces a new inhabitant to the place of the undead. Meet the gruesome residents dwelling there and hear their terrifying tales of how they arrived at their doomed fates. But beware the Warlock of Wolfsbane Bayou, for he is likely lingering nearby, accompanied by his hellhound, keenly awaiting the midnight hour. And should you happen to encounter him, whatever you do, never let him trick you into signing a contract, 'else you might just find yourself telling your own grave account come the next All Hallows' Eve night, to thereafter, forevermore reside with the worm-riddled dwellers of the Graveyard of Ghouls.

Enjoy these scary stories if you dare, but be forewarned, they are nightmarish and may very well give you...a fright in the night.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950900084
ISBN-10: 1950900088
Publisher: Darter Lane Books
Publication Date: May 16th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English