Self-Discipline, Jealousy, Anger Management: 3 Books in One - Self-Discipline: 32 Small Changes to Life Long Self-Discipline and Productivity, ... Fre (Paperback)

Self-Discipline, Jealousy, Anger Management: 3 Books in One - Self-Discipline: 32 Small Changes to Life Long Self-Discipline and Productivity, ... Fre By Ryan James Cover Image
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Self-Discipline, Jealousy and Anger Management: 3 Book Box Set

This book includes:

  • Self-Discipline: 32 Small Changes to Create a Life Long Habit of Self-Discipline, Laser-Sharp Focus, and Extreme Productivity
  • Jealousy: 7 Steps to Freedom from Jealousy, Insecurities and Codependency
  • Anger Management: 7 Steps to Freedom from Anger, Stress and Anxiety

Anger, Jealousy and the lack of Self-Discipline can ruin many different things in life, from your health to your career, to relationships and friendships. It's time to get this problem under control. In this 3 book box set, you will learn:

Part 1 - Self-Discipline

  • Step-by-step easy-to-follow guides for boosting self-awareness so you can recognize and fight distractions
  • Little things that you need to stop doing - or thinking - because they damage your productivity and forbearance
  • Exercises that build inner strength and character
  • The changes in mind-sets that you need to make in order to reinforce self-discipline
  • Ways to manage temptation and maintain focus
  • Techniques and practices that will enable you to stay on track

Part 2 - Jealousy

  • The meaning of jealousy and the varied myths and misconceptions surrounding this emotion.
  • The different types of jealousy and how they affect different forms and kinds of relationships
  • How jealousy affects self-esteem and how both are correlated.
  • How jealousy can be linked to biological and psychological patterns of survival.
  • The real reasons as to why you may feel jealous in a relationship.
  • Studies that were done by fellows of science to prove the difference in jealousy between men and women of different ages.
  • The trigger that sets the ball rolling in the jealousy park.
  • Detailed steps on overcoming jealousy.
  • Stages in dealing with jealousy.
  • Fun ways of resealing the cracks of a relationship on the rocks.

Part 3 - Anger Management

  • Why is Anger a Problem for Society: Anger is a natural, healthy emotion, but what are the costs of it running without control? Our society is becoming increasingly angry, and it's harming not just ourselves, but others.
  • Where Anger Came from: What are the origins of anger? Surely, this prevalent emotion has to have a source. Chapter one will explain this to help you understand where your emotion springs from and how best to handle it.
  • Different Types of Anger: Not all anger is created equal. There's anger at a situation, anger at another person, and anger at ourselves. Understanding these distinctions can help you find healthy ways to deal with the emotion.
  • Handling the Emotion: What are some healthy alternatives to burying your anger or exploding? Throughout this guide, you will be given useful tools for handling the emotion in a balanced, assertive way.

By the end of this book, you should have the necessary mental tools for becoming assertive, rather than aggressive, and calm when necessary. You will have developed unbreakable self-discipline for extreme focus, productivity, and full control over your emotions. If you're tired of being controlled by the unpredictable emotions that floods upon you, take matters into your own hands and read this ultimate guide.

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ISBN: 9781951030933
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Publisher: SD Publishing LLC
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2019
Pages: 182
Language: English