Survival 101 Beginner's Guide 2020: The Complete Guide To Urban And Wilderness Survival (Paperback)

Survival 101 Beginner's Guide 2020: The Complete Guide To Urban And Wilderness Survival By Rory Anderson Cover Image
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Do you know how to survive without access to modern supply chains?

If you had to evacuate your town immediately, would you feel confident in your ability to survive?

Our modern world has made survival easy for us. That means that many of us do not know how to survive without the luxuries of the modern world.

And the reality is that they can all be taken away in a matter of minutes.

What then?

A global pandemic has left many realizing that survival is not as easy as going to the store for your necessities.

The wakeup call we are all facing means that every one of us could stand to learn more about how to manage our survival. After all, our survival relies on us individually. That is why I comprised a series of Survival 101 books designed to help you survive any situation, including this one. Survival 101: Beginner's Guide 2020 will help you get started with managing your own survival no matter where you are at right now so that you can feel a sense of security in your ability to adapt and overcome.

Some of what you will learn in Survival 101: Beginner's Guide 2020 includes:

★How you can prepare for any survival situation

Key terms you should know about when reading survival manuals

★The first five things you have to secure to ensure your survival

An overview of the survival task list

★A detailed description and guide for each of the 34 tasks, including how to prepare for them and how to enact them in an emergency

How to safely and properly leave an urban environment

★How to secure your long term survival in an off-grid situation

What to do in case of an emergency, and who to call (if anyone)

★Detailed guides on what to do in certain first aid settings

Checklists and detailed lists of what should be included in your survival gear

★And more

Now more than ever, you need to know how to protect your survival and the survival of the people you love. Although our modern systems may be nice, they are not sustainable in an emergency, and in those situations, you need to know what to do in order to live through them.

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Publication Date: September 6th, 2020
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