Journey to Reality: Sacramental Life in a Secular Age (Paperback)

Journey to Reality: Sacramental Life in a Secular Age By Zachary Porcu Cover Image
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Most books aimed at introducing Orthodoxy to the non-Orthodox begin by explaining basic points of doctrine and practice that differ from what the average reader may be familiar with. But for the average American, this approach doesn't go deep enough. In order to be able to fully understand Orthodox doctrine and practice, we have to unlearn an entire secular worldview and become participants in a sacramental worldview instead-a worldview that embraces reality as it truly is. Dr. Zachary Porcu provides a guide to this process that is easily accessible both to Western Christians and to those who lack any grounding in the Christian Faith.

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ISBN: 9781955890625
ISBN-10: 1955890625
Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 152
Language: English