The Seasons of our Grief: Embracing the Journey (Paperback)

The Seasons of our Grief: Embracing the Journey By Ray Mitsch Cover Image
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In the groundbreaking The Seasons of Our Grief, author Dr. Ray Mitsch challenges the notion of a linear, sequential progression of grief and unveils a transformative alternative-a cycle of seasons within the grieving process. Dr. Mitsch introduces us to two individuals who traverse this journey, illuminating the path through their poignant stories, which portray grief as a series of seasons, each requiring a unique tool to assist in the passage. In this cyclical view, growth becomes intertwined with healing.

You will learn the tools essential for each season:

- Winter: grappling with the reality of what you've lost

- Spring: dealing with reawakened emotions

- Summer: recognizing the holes left behind

- Fall: accepting the bittersweetness of moving on

The Seasons of our Grief is an empathetic guide, offering solace, insights, and tools for anyone grappling with loss.

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ISBN: 9781959099505
ISBN-10: 1959099507
Publisher: Illumify Media
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English