Pillars of Wealth: How to Make, Save, and Invest Your Money to Achieve Financial Freedom (Hardcover)

Pillars of Wealth: How to Make, Save, and Invest Your Money to Achieve Financial Freedom By David M. Greene Cover Image
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Break free from the slow grind of budgeting and rethink your wealth-building strategy with this award-winning Wall Street Journal bestseller: the ultimate playbook for financial freedom.

Building wealth isn't complicated--but it's also not easy. Abandon the get-rich-quick-schemes and take the guesswork out of financial freedom with a strategy perfected by countless self-made millionaires.

If you're looking for a blue-collar blueprint for financial freedom, Pillars of Wealth provides a holistic approach to systematically make more money and watch it grow over time. In this book, seasoned investor David Greene shows you how he built a multimillion-dollar net worth from the ground up.

Whether you're drowning in debt, swimming in cash, or floating in assets, David's approach will revitalize your wealth-building strategy. You'll learn how to unlock your earning potential, adopt new budgeting systems, start your own business, and invest for constant growth so you can build the financially free life of your dreams.

With this book, you'll learn how to:
  • Unlock your earning potential to make more money every year
  • Save your money and stop excessive spending with an effective budget
  • Invest your money through proven real estate strategies
  • Protect your money by finding clever and legal tax savings
  • Become wealthy by replacing your job with investments and true financial freedom

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ISBN: 9781960178022
ISBN-10: 1960178024
Publisher: Biggerpockets Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English