Movin' On: The Legacy of Ron West and the Rock Band Missouri (Paperback)

Movin' On: The Legacy of Ron West and the Rock Band Missouri By Jeremy Paul Ämick Cover Image
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Coming of age during the British Invasion of the early 1960s, Ron West was inspired to pursue a career in music. His interest in bands like the Beatles influenced the formation of the Chesmann and Chesmann Square-popular Kansas City area bands that survived for a decade and included his two younger brothers, Steve and Gary. Then, in 1977, West formed a new band, Missouri, which through the help of well-known concert promoter Chris Fritz, went on to record two studio albums and earned him accolades in the music industry. In record bins at music stores throughout Missouri and surrounding states, music aficionados still come upon a unique Missouri album that resonates with the dreams of several Kansas City area musicians. Their first album, printed in monochrome, features the Gateway Arch from St. Louis standing amongst the desolation of a southwestern desert vista, representing the creative vision of Ron West. His legacy now carries forth through a new iteration of Missouri comprised of original and new members continuing to perform these classic songs. Movin' On is the story of Ron West, highlighting his beginnings in a working-class family in south Kansas City to paying his dues as a musician who aspired to cross the threshold to rock and roll stardom.

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ISBN: 9781960810489
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Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 212
Language: English