Lost Man's Lane: A Novel (Hardcover)

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A teenager explores the darkness hidden within his hometown in this spellbinding supernatural thriller from bestselling author Scott Carson.

For a sixteen-year-old, a summer internship working for a private investigator seems like a dream come true—particularly since the PI is investigating the most shocking crime to hit Bloomington, Indiana, in decades. A local woman has vanished, and the last time anyone saw her, she was in the backseat of a police car driven by a man impersonating an officer.

Marshall Miller’s internship puts him at the center of the action, a position he relishes until a terrifying moment that turns public praise for his sharp observations and uncanny memory into accusations of lying and imperiling the case. His detective mentor withdraws, friends and family worry and whisper, and Marshall alone understands that the darkness visiting his town this summer goes far beyond a single crime. Now his task is to explain it—and himself.

Lost Man's Lane is a coming-of-age tale of terror that proves why its author has been hailed as “a master” by Stephen King and one who consistently offers “eerie, gripping storytelling” by Dean Koontz.

About the Author

Scott Carson is the pen name of Michael Koryta, a New York Times bestselling author whose work has been translated into more than twenty languages, adapted into major motion pictures, and won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. A former private investigator and reporter, his writing has been praised by Stephen King, Michael Connelly, and Dean Koontz, among many others. Raised in Bloomington, Indiana, he now lives in Indiana and Maine.

Praise For…

"Scary, and perfect reading pleasure."
— Stephen King, #1 New York Times bestselling author of YOU LIKE IT DARKER

"LOST MAN'S LANE is Scott Carson's finest achievement. It's such an engaging read that is virtually turns its own pages for the reader." 
— Dean Koontz, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE WORLD

“LOST MAN’S LANE is masterful story-telling — a heartfelt, deeply creepy tale of lost innocence and the evil that lurks beneath even the most placid American surfaces.”

— Justin Cronin, New York Times bestselling author of THE PASSAGE and THE FERRYMAN

"I fell deep into this book and never wanted to come out. It'll make you a Scott Carson fan for life."
— Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author of NOS4A2 and STRANGE WEATHER

"I've spent the last few nights completely enthralled by teenage private investigator Marshall Miller and his creepy coming-of-age horror story. LOST MAN'S LANE made me feel like I was 17 all over again. It's sweet, scary, nostalgic, and deeply unsettling -- and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!"
— Jason Rekulak, nationally bestselling author of HIDDEN PICTURES

“Scott Carson has done it again. LOST MAN’S LANE is a richly imagined, terrifying trip down memory lane. High school keggers and small town legends, first loves and heartbreaks, serpents and secrets — it’s all here in one action-packed story. Poignant, nostalgic, and profoundly unsettling, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Carson is a spellbinding storyteller and LOST MAN’S LANE is his best yet.” 
— Richard Chizmar,  New York Times bestselling author of GWENDY'S FINAL TASK and BECOMING THE BOOGEYMAN

"The best Scott Carson novel yet! Horror writers are always being compared to Stephen King, quite often without the quality to back up the comparison, but here we have the real deal! In this beautifully executed coming-of-age horror, Carson weaves a tale all his own, replete with unsettling evil and the questions of love and loss, of trust and family, that plague us all. LOST MAN'S LANE creeped me out, and I loved every shiver!"
— Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of THE HOUSE OF LAST RESORT and ROAD OF BONES

"With LOST MAN'S LANE, Scott Carson fuses a gothic spellbinder steeped in old-American lore with the piercing ache of a coming-of-age story, bittersweet and filled with longing. With echoes of Ray Bradbury and Peter Straub, it’s a dazzling, genuinely terrifying novel that hovers darkly in your head long after you finish."
— Megan Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of BEWARE THE WOMAN

“Nobody makes you believe the unbelievable better than Scott Carson. LOST MAN'S LANE channels Stephen King’s very best.”
— Robert Dugoni, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Tracy Crosswhite Series

"I loved this book. It had the sweep and sweetness of John Irving and the spooky-ghostly grit of Stephen King. But wholly original, too, with vivd and loveable and heartbreaking characters." 
— Neal Thompson, Blood & Whiskey

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ISBN: 9781982191450
ISBN-10: 1982191457
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 528
Language: English