Concept of Justice in Modern Islamic Political Thought (Paperback)

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INTRODUCTION Justice is one of the four cardinal values and virtues. It is treated as one of the primary values and Ethico-Socio-Political-Legal and religious concepts. It is a highly fascinating and bewildering concept and has been variously discussed by the philosophers. Legal experts and socio-religious thinkers and interpreters of the religious texts have been playing a very crucial and critical role in the civilizational development of man. In the present work, various dimensions of the meanings and applications of justice have been discussed. Man is profoundly and inextricably rooted in history. His history itself is rooted in pre-history. It will take large-scale investigations to somewhat bring out our rootedness in history and pre-history. Whatever empirical historical investigations have been available to us, reveal that human history is red in tooth and claw. Historical investigations inform us about insurmountable and excruciating amounts of suffering negotiated by human beings. They have negotiated incalculable oppression, suppression, exploitation and injustice. Countless people have been enslaved across history and globe. Human beings have undergone a long-drown-out biological and cultural evolution. There are many theories with regard to the origin and development of man. All these theoretical perspectives advance their justificatory grounds which have been analyzed and criticized on genuine grounds by various thinkers. These theoretical perspectives are neither empirically verifiable nor mathematically demonstrable. They are not statements of fact but interpretative formulations. We can only appreciate the merits and demerits of these large-scale theological, cosmological and anthropological perspectives. However, scientists, paleontologists, anthropologists and historians have assembled vast data, powerfully indicating that man has negotiated millions of years of biological and cultural evolution. We do not have any definite accounts of the times and climes of man's post-evolutionary phase. However, what can be readily admitted is that his post-evolutionary phase of the struggle for existence must have been as indomitable as his pre-evolutionary biological evolution. The ancient human beings survived on wild fruits, leaves, vegetables, hunting, and fishing. This must

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