Hidden Threads: Questioning Our Beliefs, Desires and Systems (Paperback)

Hidden Threads: Questioning Our Beliefs, Desires and Systems By Christina Hsiang Cover Image
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Do you want better relationships, a better career, better sex, and more happiness?

Does it feel like you're endlessly trying to improve yourself, but life is still not going the way you desire?

What if the key is not adding more, but unraveling what's already there?

This pocketbook of 10 essays is an on-ramp to navigating the beliefs and desires that shape your reality. When we understand the role of beliefs in our lives, new ways of living open to us.

In our world of rapidly accelerating change and blended cultures, races, and ideas, it is more important now than ever to recognize your beliefs and how those beliefs create your world. It is through our beliefs that we filter and understand the information we're routinely bombarded with.

Hidden Threads: Questioning Our Beliefs, Desires and Systems, is a guided tour to exploring your personal and collective beliefs. It shines a light on binary thinking that may be limiting you and identifies the systems and hidden threads that touch on every part of your lives. If you enjoy reflection and seek more meaningful conversations from your social exchanges, this book is for you.

Some topics this book explores include:

* Illusions created by an overflow of information

* The responsibility of power

* Our economy of desires

* Balancing idealism and pragmatism

This book is for explorers and inquisitive minds that yearn to discover new trails in life. Get more intimate with the beliefs and desires driving your life with Hidden Threads

Product Details
ISBN: 9798885040648
Publisher: Christina Hsiang
Publication Date: August 18th, 2022
Pages: 174
Language: English