Self-Love Journal for Women: Prompts and Practices for Your Journey to Self-Worth, Self-Care, and Self-Acceptance (Self-Love Workbook and Journal) (Paperback)

Self-Love Journal for Women: Prompts and Practices for Your Journey to Self-Worth, Self-Care, and Self-Acceptance (Self-Love Workbook and Journal) By Jordan Brown, LPC Cover Image
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The official companion to the bestselling Self Love Workbook for Women! Continue your journey to total self-love with this journal of inspiring prompts and practices.

Women are often faced with unrealistic social expectations that can make them feel overwhelmed and unhappy with themselves. But learning how to love yourself and embrace what makes you unique can give you a whole new outlook on life—and this guided journal is here to help you. A companion to the popular Self-Love Workbook for Women, this journal features thoughtful writing prompts and simple practices that encourage you to manage negative self-talk, reflect on who you truly want to be, and find the confidence to achieve anything.
  • Overcome what's holding you back—Learn how to celebrate your strengths and use them to bounce back from tough situations.
  • Practice all forms of self-love—Each section of this journal focuses on a different aspect of loving yourself—like releasing doubt, building self-worth, and forming healthy relationships with others.
  • Do more than just journaling—Put your new self-love habits into action with practices like identifying what brings you joy, learning to assert yourself, and asking for help when you need it.

Get the Self-Love Journal for Women today and discover how amazing you really are!

About the Author

JORDAN BROWN, LPC, has served a wide variety of clients throughout her career as a therapist, with a particular focus on helping women navigate anxiety and self-worth. She is passionate about helping people gain more awareness and acceptance, and the ability to see their own potential.

Praise For…

"As women, we pour so much of our energy into taking care of others. Self-Love Journal for Women beautifully supports women in turning that care inward, giving us permission to love and treat ourselves with compassion. This journal is a necessity for all women who are ready for deep healing." — Angela Dube, LMFT and Certified Clini-Coach for Burnout Moms

"The prompts and exercises in this journal are beautifully laid out and provide a wonderful adjunct to your healing journey. I love the blend of tools Jordan Brown highlights. Leave this on your nightstand—it’s a fantastic, structured journaling aid that will surely help you feel more empowered in your life!" — Dr. Leah Katz, PhD, clinical psychologist

"With compassion, simplicity, and empathy, Jordan captivates her readers with colorful pages and thoughtful guidance on navigating life as a woman. This journal reminded me of my inner-strength and helped me to transform my thoughts and conquer my fears with each exercise. The self-assessments, quizzes, and meditations allowed me to reflect in a way that validated me as a woman. Thank you, Jordan, for your care and attention to the true nature of women!" — Latoya Johnson, MS, licensed professional counselor

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ISBN: 9798886508130
Publisher: Callisto
Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Self-Love Workbook and Journal