Corners (Paperback)

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Society's latest attempt to create unity among the diverse people of the world was to create one government, one unified race of people.

Integral--and without which, this goal could not be accomplished--was the Leaving. Well-intentioned but fatally flawed and cruel at its inception. A state-mandated and tightly controlled expulsion of all children at the age of eighteen from their homes. Their destinations only known by the state. Their goodbyes to their family and friends are final.

The story begins as one family--Father, Son, and Daughter--prepares for Son's Leaving. The state, in its cold efficiency, plans every detail of his last day together. The state, however, did not plan for the train accident that sends Son in a panic, running away, and has Daughter and Father now presumed enemies of the state in their search for him.

Meanwhile, in the form of a man and woman, the eternal emerges. Walking among them. Silent of late. Wakening to heal the poison that the state represents. The rebellion has begun. The story bending time and space, interweaved with all others. Some feeling the effects first. Others to a greater degree. Others to a lesser degree. Those in power took notice and took action.

This, it knew, would come to pass. This was necessary, inevitable. Many times in many worlds, it had waited for the time to waken. The time to choose was now. Some worlds had chosen poorly. All He/She had was hope and a small group of unlikely rebels.

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ISBN: 9798888323564
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2023
Pages: 190
Language: English