The Fox in the Box (Large Print / Hardcover)

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In this leadership principles kids book, the fox works through problems using teamwork with an Ox, communication in both internal and external fashions, and personal persistence - just to name a few take always.

This awesome experience will allow your future leader to start to discover some common traits of effective leaders and begin to formulate traits for a future successful life. This is the first in an ongoing leadership series designed to instill leadership basics that will engage the reader, parent, and child.

There are questions at the back of the book that generate thoughts in our kids minds. The experience has been followed by many hugs as the child feels valued for stating their thoughts and parents get the opportunity to hear, first hand, how their child interpreted the story and dive into effective leadership from their personal experiences.

Praised by hundreds of parents during pre-publishing, this treasure is bound to get read multiple times during the day, evening, bedtime and secondary nite-nite story time before you say your final goodnight. We look forward to enhancing your quality of family time with our stories that are sure to be enjoyed and will join others in enhancing childhood understanding and application of these life skills.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985364408
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Leaders-Kit LLC
Publication Date: December 5th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English