Working Together Alone: The Freedom and Beauty of Outsourcing (Paperback)

Working Together Alone: The Freedom and Beauty of Outsourcing By Dorine Rivers Cover Image
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Imagine one year from now you're sitting in your own office running your own company and reading glowing reviews on the company you have just improved and leveraged thanks to the many benefits of outsourcing. After feeling great pride and satisfaction in what you've accomplished, you turn your attention to - not analyzing numbers in an Excel spreadsheet or a Quickbooks report - but a colorful page you found on the Internet with the heading: "Bike riding through Tuscany: the ultimate Italian vacation." Or some other dream adventure you've been hatching for over a decade. And as you envision the look on your friends' faces, or your partner's or spouse's, or the wide grins on the beaming faces of your kids - you try to decide how to best surprise them with the idea of special time just with them and the opportunity to create yet another spectacular memory. All of this is possible because you had the guts to learn how to work together alone: You've put into action the ability to leverage and implement outsourcing. You've created more than cash flow, profits, and an efficient organization. You've created time, and most importantly - freedom Yes, dreams can come true. Now get after it and make yours happen

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ISBN: 9798988365808
Publisher: Alpha 81 Inc
Publication Date: July 7th, 2023
Pages: 112
Language: English