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Puzzles at River Bend Bookshop

Puzzles really had a moment at the start of the quarantine, and they are back for winter!  We are regularly stocking, but act fast if you see one you want, they don't stick around for long.


Carnovsky Jungle Puzzle 500 pieces
Jane Austen's Book Club 1000 Pc Puzzle
Coral Reef 1000 Piece Puzzle
Planet Earth 1000 Piece Puzzle
Rainforest 1000 Piece Puzzle
Mother Earth 1000 Piece Puzzle
Peace Be to This House 500 Piece Foil Puzzle
Crustaceans 500 Piece Puzzle
The Bookstore 1000 Piece Puzzle
Happy Camper Puzzle Cover Image
Blooming Books 750 Piece Shaped Puzzle Cover Image
Dog Behind The Door 1000 Piece Puzzle
Zero Gravity 1000 Piece Puzzle With Shaped Pieces Cover Image
Hot Off The Press 1000 Piece Puzzle
The Picture of Dorian Gray 1000 Piece Puzzle
Dogs at the Park 1000 pc Puzzle
Three Broomsticks 500 Piece Puzzle
National Geographic Three Toed Sloth 500 Piece Puzzle
Wind in the Willows 500 Piece Puzzle
Huckleberry Finn 500 Piece Puzzle
Wizard of Oz 1000 Piece Puzzle
Bookopolis 100 Piece Mini Puzzle
Cats & Dogs 100 Piece Double-Sided Puzzle Cover Image
Cats at Work 1000 Pc Puzzle
Plant Ladies 1000 Pc Square Puzzle