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Shop Local Now So You Can Shop Local Forever

Here at River Bend, we have lots of favorites.... loads of favorite books, favorite gifts, and favorite funny bookmarks... we also have a great big bunch of favorite local businesses!  Here are a few which are especially close to our hearts.  We hope you'll support them just like you support us - lovingly, and all year long!


Pinwheels Toys & Games Glastonbury The Silver Dahlia Glastonbury Glazed Pottery Painting Glastonbury 

Flower District Glastonbury Katz ACE Hardware Glastonbury Killam & Bassette Farmstand Glastonbury 

 Baribault Jewelers Glastonbury Emmy Lou's Gift Shop Glastonbury Cycling Concepts Glastonbury 

 Melzen's Pet Supply Glastonbury Village Wool Glastonbury Sound Runner Glastonbury