Specialty Services

River Bend Bookshop is pleased to offer a variety of special services, and we would be delighted to work with you to customize any offering.

Custom Library Design | Conference & Off-Site Sales | Book Fairs | Corporate Gifts & Bulk Orders

Bespoke library collections from River Bend Bookshop

Custom Library Design

For those times when one book just won't do... let River Bend curate your custom library.  Our services are personal, and we can deliver solutions for any shelf, no matter how big or small.

  • Gift your new granddaughter a library filled with picture books about thoroughly modern girls
  • Fill the shelves of your vacation home with page-turning beach reads for all your favorite guests
  • Allow us to hand select classic and contemporary titles with spines in shades of blue to complement your decor
  • Build a background you'll be proud to show on Zoom filled with classic and contemporary business books and inspiring memoirs
  • Create the library of a lifetime as we engage with our broad network of rare and antiquarian book dealers for amazing finds

River Bend Bookshop brings the books to you with offsite sales

Conference & Off-Site Sales

Let River Bend bring a bookshop to you!  

We are equipped to create pop-up bookstores at your event or business. We can sell books at conferences, lectures, trade shows, schools, businesses, and other events in the Greater Hartford area.  We can even bring books to your home for an over-the-top book club meeting or a private author reading. 

Our pop-up shops are completely customized to suit your event, from carefully curated books and gifts, to the smallest details of booth decor.  This service is guaranteed to bring major style to your next event.

For more information, or to secure a date, please email info[at]riverbendbookshop.com

Please include the following information:

  • Name of Organization
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Contact Information (first name, last name, email address and phone number)
  • Expected Attendance
  • Please list any authors or speakers already confirmed
  • Please list any topics, titles, or authors that you'd like to include in the pop-up shop, we'll hand pick the rest!

Book Fairs from Your Local Bookseller

Book Fairs

Why choose a local vendor for your school book fair?  On average, local retailers recirculate more than 30 percent of their revenues locally, while chains and online retailers recirculate just 13.2 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively.*  That means more money stays in town to support your local schools, which is exactly why you are holding that book fair in the first place!  

Schools are eligible to earn back a percentage of sales based on volume.

Contact us to schedule your event. 

Corporate Gifts and Bulk Orders Available from River Bend Bookshop

Corporate Gifts and Bulk Orders

Whether you need help selecting just the right gift for clients and colleagues, or you are looking for bulk orders of the next business bestseller for use in your organization, River Bend can help.  Our extensive experience with Corporate clients, Learning & Development organizations, Technical teams, and Universities will ensure that your business gifts hit just the right tone for your team.

For a personal touch with your most valued clients, allow River Bend to hand pack and ship/deliver gifts.  We will work with your Marketing team to create gift enclosures providing insight into why each title was selected, ensuring that message and meaning are clear.

Demonstrate your commitment to local communities by giving gifts that support the towns in which your clients live.  River Bend is happy to facilitate orders from independent booksellers in any state or region to give a truly local gift to your clients nation-wide.




*Source: Civic Economics - 2018 Home Sweet Home study