Candlelight Writers Workshops at River Bend

Candlelight Writing Workshops are held spring, fall, and winter at River Bend Bookshop, as a motivator for writing, as a community builder for writers, and as a teaching tool.  Workshops are typically held in-person at the bookshop; 2021 Workshops are meeting virtually over Zoom.


Here's what is going on at River Bend for writers:


Workshops - Registration Required

Register now: Send an email to janegordonjulien@gmail[dot]com

For Information Visit Candlelight Writing Workshops


Winter Workshops:


Feb. 1 - March 8 (Mondays): Introduction to Creative Writing

A six-week craft class and workshop on Zoom for writers wishing to enhance their skills.

Cost:  $300 / Space is limited.


March 30 - May 4 (Tuesdays): Build Your Story

Craft class and workshop on Zoom focusing on plot development, character creation, description and metaphor to support the narrative. 

Cost:  $300 / Space is limited.



Writing Prompts

Candlelight Writing Workshops offers free weekly writing prompts. Go to and challenge yourself.


Jane Gordon Julien hosting writers' workshops at River Bend BookshopCandlelight Writers Workshops at River Bend are hosted by Jane Gordon JulienJane, an essayist and journalist, is a longtime contributing writer to The New York Times. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers throughout the country, including the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Northeast Magazine, and NBC/ and was recently included in the anthology, “Words Matter.” She has served as an adjunct journalist professor at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and a guest lecturer at the University of Connecticut. Jane holds a master’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College, where she was an assistant editor at the literary journal Lumina, and a bachelor’s degree from the highly acclaimed University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.